It seems simple.  Our President frequently lies or manipulates the truth.  This is very easy to document. I thought Americans hated liars.  Either I am wrong about that, or there is a large number of citizens who get their information strictly from Fox opinion shows.  

In addition, we now know that without a doubt President Trump withheld almost $400 million in desperately needed military aid from the Ukrainian government until they would pursue an investigation against his leading political rival at the time.  He says everybody on the call thought it was “Perfect” – clearly another lie, since a National Security Council member (a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army) who was present for the call went to the NSC lawyer with this complaint, “I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine.”  

Trump has also claimed the notes on the call were an exact transcript – another bald-faced lie.  The same Lieutenant Colonel reviewed the notes, noted two important omissions, and noted they should be added to the notes of the call.  The omissions were related to Hunter and Joe Biden. The omissions were not added back and the call notes were placed on a super-secure server.

In summary, we have a documented prodigious liar in the White House, and he appears to have attempted to extort the President of another country (and our ally) to publicly announce investigations into a political rival.

Others seemingly involved in the campaign to get the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens include Rudy Giuliani, Rick Perry and Ambassador Sondland.

Sorry, folks, but these are the facts as reported by multiple State Department employees.  You will hear about “process” and “Shifty Schiff”, but you will not hear anybody credible deny the above facts.  I hope you can keep your representatives and friends focused on “the substance” of this debate and not the distractions that will surely be offered.

So, my fellow Americans, what do we do?  My conscience tells me this guy should be removed from office, allowing Mike Pence to be President.  Republicans have plenty of time to nominate an honest and trustworthy individual to represent their party in the 2020 elections.

We cannot have a liar and extorter in the White House.  That is not the American way (at least it did not used to be).  No matter which party succeeds in November 2020, let’s return honesty and trustworthiness to the Office of President of the United States.

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