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CNN special attempts the impossible: Gauging the fallout from Trump’s lies

By December 12, 2019 No Comments

Supporters of President Trump are fond of citing his various policy planks. “He’s corrected a lot of misjustices, I guess you could say,” said Holger Hill of Kershaw, S.C. “Court appointments, securing our borders. … Race relations, I think he’s improved upon.” In a riff on his Fox News show Sunday, host Steve Hilton provided a broader list: “Get the economy moving, bring back jobs, renegotiate trade deals, stand up to China, appoint conservative judges, end foreign wars, build the wall, put America first,” he said.

Such recitals, however, miss the most elemental plank of Trump’s years in power: lying. Falsehoods — usually intentional, occasionally accidental — undergird the formulation, promotion and defense of all presidential policy positions.

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